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Sala Beckett (English)

Sala Beckett (English)

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Editor: Arquine
Co-editor: Flores & Prats
Textos: Ricardo Flores, Eva Prats, Toni Casares, Manuel Guerrero, Juan José Lahuerta
Cubierta: Pasta flexible
Tamaño: 21.7 x 29.7 cm
Páginas: 328
Edición: English
ISBN: 978-607-9489-55-7

Sala Beckett is a theater, but above all it is a space for creation and meeting. It was created to fulfill the need of a new space for the small theater of the Gràcia neighborhood, which reached its capacity limit. The City Council of Barcelona conceded the building of the former Peace and Justice Cooperative, which maintains its structure and two large naves with a central passage as a vestibule. The Sala Beckett is a space where the goal is to make products that interrogate rather than products that work, that create doubts and want to change things with a critical spirit.


Categoría: Edificio

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